Billy Graham, a man in our times who's heart has been after God's Heart.

I am in Awe of this Man, not because He's a Christian Preacher, although I being of the same Faith and Belief, within the last 15 years.  

Not because he's a handsome and tall man, or that he's served  for several  US President's acting as a Godly council, or is a noted and admired world figure.

No not for any of these or even more press mentions however; I admire the man who's not sold out to the world, has more money than he could ever spend in pom-pas ego fashion and his walk and talk has been one, plus has not cheapen the Name of Jesus Christ.

His preaching and how he has lived his life has been consistent.  Preaching the message of the Gospel, bring lost souls to Jesus Christ.  

He's a married faithful man, he's provided for his family, though at a large cost.   He wasn't the adverage 9-5p dad, nor he cheated on his wife regardless of how little time they really got to spend together.  

Here he is now, no longer on a scheduled that was so demanding on his time and family, he sacraficed all the pleasures of this world including distance from  his wife, and kids.   Yes, God used him mightingly and he and his wife agreed and their Love for one another must have been the greatest Love any two humans who were separated from each other, however united in the cause to bring Jesus Christ to the Lost.  He was a consistent man of God with just one ideal message and who's love for humanity was his calling.   He and His wife  had a partnership of one ness til death due they part and Jesus sustained them through the hard times of being separate from each other, as too the children understand.   Jesus got them through, not man.

I feel it can't be very comforting for him to be retired at home all alone, missing his wife deeply and waiting to be called Home.  

How one can not see a CONSISTENT Man as well as seeing that his life hasn't been a bed of tulups  is beyond me.   Billy Graham not only did I attend one of his events, but have watched this man which has been in the public eye;  Yes, he has helps me to understand, that committing to God is real if stated.  


Billy Graham even he, has not always been granted his deepest desires here on planet earth, even after carrying the Cross of the Message  for Christ he committed too.  However, He understands deep within and remains convicted in His belief's, and has proven what very few do when a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ is made. 


 "The road is narrow and but a few will get through", however, Billy did not get any added whip cream, as God remains equal to all and is not a respector of person's.  

Jesus is the Son of God, and Heavy was the Cross He bared for us, and if we say  "Jesus Come In To My Heart", "COUNT THE COST", because Jesus never promised he'd make it an easy ride....However, He's with us and will get us through, has been His consistent promise, and if we are Faithful , and true to our Committment plus seek Him with our whole heart....then.... 

We are all fortuniate to have a Man like Billy in our today times,  to see and know what the cost are when one's Willingness to accept the trials and test as well as the Commission God appoints one on Earth; as I believe as Billy:   The Heaven's which will open up for all Eternity is simply to be with Him at the end of this human life.   Unless He comes again first.....PONDER and Count the Cost....of your own Committment and or Non Committment to Christ, because He's given us fully the Right to Choose.  Venture and research if one must, quickly before there is no time.....The ball is in your court. 

My pondering thoughts.    Mama C



And as for me, I've re committed, because without Jesus the test and trials will surrmount and over power me, and relief from no one comes to bail me out.   However, Jesus Christ has never left me, and He's provided provision for me to stand, or find a means of escape, not that I needed to do the self testing, it just worked out that way.  I'm just glad I rec'd the chance to make a committment that I will not give up.   That's real truth.  

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Comments (15)

  1. SEC

    Well said sister

    August 17, 2014
    1. Mom-Nest


      August 18, 2014
  2. arrolyn

    Thank you! Very inspiring. I like the idea that “It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to jugde, it’s my job to love” So true. And I’m glad to hear that you will not give up, too.

    August 18, 2014
    1. Mom-Nest

      Thank you, double ditto…

      August 18, 2014
  3. froopents1930

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