Have Sticky Floors

Messy Kitchens

GGood Moms

Have Messy Kitchen, Loads of Laundry Piles and Have Sticky Floors, but most of all....

Have Happy Childrens!


How true the above is, and of course I can add to that list for sure, even though I just had one child at the age of thirty eight and a full time career.   What was I thinking, LOL; I really wasn't.  

      One thing for sure when I became a Mom, all of what was so important to me, in stuff; in career pursuing, even my spouse, all became last because my baby became my Everything.   Oh it wasn't immediately for sure.   However within a little time, noticing how dependent and need he was; well that became enough for me, and without my noticing MOTHER MODE became my priority.   In fact at his age of 2 and half I discovered having and running a successful business was not as important to me as it had once been.   My spouse unfortuniately didn't feel the same, especially since it was he who wanted the child more than me.   Due to my baby making clock ticking down and a promise I fulfilled what he said was most important for him to become a dad.   So I did concieve him a son.   However, the impact fell upon me, instead of him.  Amazing it was for sure.   

      My son became my life, his manner to Love Unconditionally made me all the more willing to do all I could to take care of this gift from God.   This child was a well manner happy little guy.  So cute, calm, smiling and hugging all the time.   "I wuv ju" would nearly bring me into tears.   He was such a joy, and though I sold my business and got to at least stay at home for six months, cause spouse said I had too.  California is too expensive and we had just purchased a home.   I wanted so to be a stay at home Mother, I recall; but it just wasn't to be.   I closed my business and by the time he went to Pre school I had found a sales job with flexiability to work from home and for the most part I worked the hours out.  I got to attend most of all his school trips, as well volunteer for any school needs.  

    Working full time, taking care of my child, coordinating home, all the chores, dinners, etc. didn't seem that difficult.   However, looking back I worked myself to the bone.  It's no wonder I'm at my age of near retirement and so exhausted.

     It's through my son's tender young eyes and unconditional love; that I eventually put the equation together to farm out and ask God above if there was truly a God, and was there His Son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins or not?    How and where did my baby come from if not from God?    Despite all the test, trails, life storms and even being abandoned by my now adult son, plus divorced after 20 years from his dad.   

           I can attest to  the fact that I search it out at first on my own, read the Bible, and did research plus attended church all by myself, Jesus answered my prayer request.

          It's taken years to discover the mysteries of Life, and to understand God doesn't punish as the Catholic Religion taught me to believe; but the tenderness of my son's character displayed God's Unconditional Love, for where else could my son had learned such?

             Child like Faith is necessary in order to find Truth;  because once we are exposed to the World with all it's nasty's and commentaries with so much un truth or slated in such a way it's all lies; as adults we get tainted and as we grow into adult hood; the child I had unfortuniately life and Satan robed his God Like nature; but that's temporary as my Faith and experiences has the marking of being able to remember what I was taught way before conception and through my early child like years of when I was introduced to Jesus Christ; that when I strayed from my First Love; I searched, I knocked, I asked and I as a Prodical Daughter returned back to my True Love, as I believe by Faith my son will also do someday.   Even if he gets old and I am no longer on earth, what he's learned he will not forever forget.   He will find the Great Light despite the darkness of the world he's in right now.   

      I am forever grateful to God for the Best Precious Gift that meant the world to me, Motherhood and for never giving me up or abandoning me.   His promises are forever, as I chose to return, be renewed and filled with His Holy Spirit.   My goal and lifetime journey in the last chapter of my life is Eternity with Jesus Christ.   My son is in the Best Arms now, as he's of age to make the choice of his Life now for himself.    I did make sure to bring up my son in Truth; and he and I chose to Believe.  Nothing greater is that but to repent and surrender my life to finish my race; and look forward to Eternity with Christ.   Amen

Mama C

I'm not preaching, but rather opening up myself so that you may know me for who I am and for all who read this to know where is my Hope and Trust by Faith after seeking for so long; after doing it my way, in which was a disappointing mess.   I have better understanding and Wisdom which gives me Peace in a world that has none.     God Bless all, and may you find the truth for yourselves.   I'm not ashame for my belief and testimony.   It's my choice and I love talking about Him.        Mama C forever more




Dirty Ovens

And Happy Kids


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Comments (3)

  1. countryrebel

    I found myself pregnant ar seventeen and a mother at eighteen, and while the age of coarse young, I find great love knowing that the lord andc blessed me with a beautifu.l and healthy 7 month old. I found your post inspiring and find myself longing to be a stay at home mom, but in this economy its not always the best option. I soon enough will have to find a job and make time for college, but I find comfort in knowing I do everything to better my life for my daughter

    November 02, 2014
  2. laylashipp

    Mother is always good as she always thought for the benefit of her child as she doesn’t even consider herself when it comes to her children. I love my mom because she has done so much for me and even now she always cares about me. According to the we should also cherish our mother.

    March 16, 2017