A line from the movie "The Thumbsucker".


Life is hard, and how we all strive to find Joy, happiness, even the meaning of Life.  However in truth can it be found?  So many questions....taking up so much of our mind creating endless turmoil to say the least.


Maybe the trick is to live without an answer.   For me that has always been my ultimate goal.  Discovering the behind reasons for the WHY?????


In conjunction to my son's 180 degree turn from the loving, close relationship with not just me but with God, all was abandoned and I wait, endlessly waiting for his return, or for the light bulb to go off in his head.


My son, my kid, my love, my greatest gift from God, my priviledge, suddenly gone, little would I imagine that growing into his adult hood would mean booting me out completely.  He's living a lifestyle in which breaks my heart, nor would I have ever imagined he would prefer this way over what I could offer.  Shelter, warm clean bed, care, love, and his freedom, including college or off to the work world.  Morals, truth, Faith and Hope, things he grew up with and once Loved and appreciated.   So maybe the Trick is to live without the answer, I do hope someday I will be able to master this very difficult heart felt sulken feeling of which I have for the child who's now a young adult which I love so much. 

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  1. briton

    This life is hard because the devil really exists.

    March 05, 2013
  2. Mom-Nest

    Yes, however, it becomes hard because we take our Eyes off Jesus, give up on Jesus as I did because I thought He was saying NO and I didn’t like the “NO, not now Ms. Caroline” or something as such. It’s not always easy, and God as well as the Devil will test us, and that’s just my opinion and not to get heated over please? I see it both ways; especially after reading the Book of Job. In fact all of the Bible gives us such great examples, but even with said examples, it becomes a one on one walk and when the battles come, it helps to have people praying for you (me, which were), and as I had 1/2 of Faith of a mustard seed, Thank God I didn’t let go entirely, you know what I mean.
    Your comment is right on…thanks, C

    March 05, 2013
  3. gabriellestonehouse

    I pretty much agree with it. It’s because as long as you won’t get an answer you will have a purpose to live. But when you get the answer you will feel as if there is not even a purpose for you to live now. So the top rated research paper writing services writes that it’s better to off without an answer.

    August 17, 2017